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Brief introduction for improving the quality of carbon molecular sieve

 Quality index of carbon molecular sieve: 1. Nitrogen output production, 2. Air consumption, 3. Service life.

Carbon molecular sieves are expected to have high nitrogen and oxygen separation capacity, low gas consumption and long-term service life.
1,China carbon molecular sieve Co., Ltd. found that the higher the ash content of inorganic salt in carbon molecular sieve raw materials, The worse the ability of carbon molecular sieve to separate nitrogen and oxygen. We use pure coal, coconut shell and phenolic resin to make carbon molecular sieve for high nitrogen output production.
 2,China carbon molecular sieve Co., Ltd. found that the larger the specific surface area and pore volume of 3-5a micropores, the moreuniform the pore size, and the less air consumption of using carbon molecular sieve. The pore size of carbon molecular sieve can be controlled by choosing appropriate carbonization process and fine control of carbon deposition process.
 3,The service life of carbon molecular sieve is related to its hardness, water resistance and oil resistance. The useing carbon molecular sieve is affected by the tiny amount of oil and water in compressed air and pulverization, which decrease pore volume of pore size of 3-5a micropores.We have improved the water resistance and oil resistance of the carbon molecular sieve by selecting the appropriate pure raw materials and through the appropriate grinding, grinding and coating processes.
Our carbon molecular sieves are characterized by high hardness, water resistance, oil resistance, etc., long service life and energy saving.