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Filtro molecular de carbono

setaccio molecolare di carbonio

углеродно - молекулярное сито

Tamis moléculaire de carbone

الكربون المنخل الجزيئي


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    People manufacture carbon molecular sieve (CMS) from coal,coconut shell, phenolic resin. The quality of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) be effected by various operation parameters such as Crush, molding, carbonization and finely controlling the pore size of carbon materials.
In order to improve the using time of carbon molecular sieve  in PSA generator,Our carbon molecular sieves have high hardness,water resistance and oil resistance. Over 30 years, China Carbon Molecular Sieve Co, Ltd manufacture carbon molecular sieves from pure raw materials and has long been engaged in the production and research of carbon molecular sieves.China Carbon Molecular Sieve Co, Ltd has been at the leading edge of Carbon Molecular Sieve Frontier in China since its establishment  Our carbon molecular sieves have been exported to a number of countries and regions in Asia, America and Europe。 Due to the high separation efficiency, our CMS can provide with low air consumption and energy saving. Our objective is: "classic quality, classic services." It strive to provide the best services for our clients at home and abroad.



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